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Camera: Canon Rebel EOS Digital and occasionally iPhone 4


If you want a picture as a print, but I don't have it set as a print, don't be afraid to ask! I'll be happy to make the print available for you. :J



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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I'm a photographer, guitarist, singer, crafter, painter, drawer, crocheter, sewer, customizer, dancer, and lover from Florida. ☀

Camera: Canon Rebel EOS Digital and occasionally iPhone 4 and my Canon scanner
Soundcloud: --->
Hey, happy New Years guys! Hope you had a decent time. Happy 2014! 
I got tagged by themodette (awesome username, by the way)  to do a tag thing! I've gotten tagged a few times on Tumblr, but I never made questions afterwards.. Heh, I'm a bad person...
Anyway, here we go!

Five Facts About Me:
  • I have trouble finishing things that I start/finishing something when something has a deadline.
  • I have a cat, but I hate cats.
  • I don't actually hate cats; I'd still cry if they got killed or smushed, I just don't favor them at all. I don't even consider them when I talk about my favourite animals. I'm a dog/fish/bird/hamster person, pff.
  • I HAVE TRIED ALL 2013 TO BE HEALTHY BUT NOW I AM CHUBBIER THAN I WAS AT THIS TIME LAST YEAR. I MUST BE HEALTHY, GOSH DANG IT THIS TIME, GOSH DANG IT. My goal to actually be skinny, instead of slightly over-weight like I have been all my life. (I was a huge baby so I was always chubby but now I just emotionally eat sometimes ugh)
  • I have a habit of knocking my phone off my desk often...
1. Favourite Beatle:
It's between John and George, honestly. I can't really choose a favourite out of those two. (Lucky, right? It has to be the two dead ones)

2. Why? 
I think they both really went toward amazing goals. I also adore their solo work; though I think I might actually like Paul's solo work the most. I just don't really like Paul much as a person, but that's just me.
Ringo's just adorable and he makes fun, silly music! He's my third favourite, probably. Or second, if I tie George and Johnny at first.

3  Favourite Beatles song(s)
Oh god, why must you ask this... Well, there're many that I will never get tired of, that'll make me feel great almost instantly. Ob La Di is one; I get all giggly when it comes on the radio, to the point where I can't even sing along, heh.
Dear Prudence is one I NEVER skip on shuffle. The bass is amazing, and that song is an all-together masterpiece.
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away is the first thing I play on my guitar when I pick it up. I'm also doing my first performance ever (as a solo) sometime this month at a retirement home, and I'm doing this song!
Rollover Beethoven is just so fun! Do I really need to explain?
Real Love/Free As a Bird are just amazing songs with amazing concepts. I really can't get over the beauty of them.

4. Why?
See above. :J

5. Favourite Beatles album(s)
Beatles For Sale, Help!, Please Please Me, White Album, & With The Beatles; in no particular order.

6. Why?
BfS: I just really like every song on this album. It's one of those albums I can listen to without skipping songs.
H!: This album has SO many gems!
PPM & WtB: I have a thing for early Beatles, and these albums just get me on my feet! Not to mention they also make me tap my foot in the car against the seat in front of me without me realizing it..
WA: This album is honestly a masterpiece; completely. I REALLY wish I owned it physically.

7. Teddy boys or Mop tops?
Teddy boys! Like I said, I have a thing for early Beatles. I really love the ted style, I mean look at frickin' Alex Turner, guys...
Of course, I also get weak in the knees for '64-'66 Beatles.

8. Do you think the boys would have stayed together if Brian hadn't died?
Eh, I don't really have a opinion on why they broke up/what might have caused it. Bands split, and I'm honestly REALLY surprised they lasted as long as they did; especially in the fame they had.

9. You are given the choice of marrying your chosen Beatle and living happily ever after with them but you must stay in their time and can't see your family again.  Do you?
Nah, man. I'm happily in love with my OWN Beatle (well, he's a strange kid, but he's got later George hair and a Hofner, and plays bass/lead guitar/drums and sings, so) I'd rather stay in my time and marry him. Besides, we mutually love The Beatles; I think that's good enough. :J

10. Where are we going boys?
To the toppity top!
To the toppermost of the poppermost! 
I am embarrassing myself...

UPDATE: Oh well of COURSE I forgot to do questions and tag people!
I dunno who to tag, so I tag EVERYONE WHO'S READING THIS. I'll just do random questions okay here we go:

1. What's your guilty pleasure band/song?
2. What's a band you liked in your tweens that you cannot stand now?
3. What do you think of the show Spongebob?
4. Is your desk usually messy, or do you try to keep it organized?
5. What type of phone do you have?
6. When does your contract expire so you can get a new phone?
7. Favourite YouTuber?
8. Why?
9. Are you currently using a heater, an air conditioner, or neither?
10. How many CDs do you own?


I entered this new year with a horrible sleeping schedule; but I believe I'm on top of it now. 
Patrick (Santa) SpongeBob (Santa) 
Heh, but I've gotten film for my Minolta SLR, so I've been using that. I'm gonna try to get a roll of film a month, but I can't promise I'll have it developed in time, because of my extreme lack of money. But they'll be up soon! Maybe I'll keep them all year and develop them all at the end hehehehe.... I'm actually really impatient and I doubt I'd have the money at the end of the year, grr...
I've also been snapping with my DSLR lately-- It's been soooo long!! I just have no motivation to take concept photos because I seem to be the only self-photographer on here without a remote. (or just the only one with a DSLR that's too old to have a remote for it) I've been snapping some random shots, but I might take it on adventures (if I ever go on them) and try some concepts with friends. :J
Hope you've all been doin' well! You guys can totally shoot me a note if you wanna talk!


loneliness by laura-makabreskupain by laura-makabreskuunspoken by EugenieA344/365 by DaphneNg
358/365 by DaphneNg359/365 by DaphneNg365/365 by DaphneNg337/365 by DaphneNghome-made by artahh340/365 by DaphneNg345/365 by DaphneNg346/365 by DaphneNgwater show III by agnes-cecileobstinate impasse by agnes-cecileThe Hiding Place by ElenaKalisdyodyodyo by MikuParkMiracle by MikuParkCosmic Love by raindropsMelodyInto the fog by raindropsMelodyJealous kind of Love by raindropsMelody356/365 by DaphneNg


My artist obsession right now HAS to be DaphneNg's photography! I cannot get overt the colour, the quality, and the concepts. :J
Not to mention her dog is to die for! Heh, but really, she is my inspiration for my photography and for improving; especially with knowing I'm not the only one who edits that way. Pump it 

xx em
  • Watching: Game Grumps play Sonic 06
  • Eating: Just finished oatmeal

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